Python Frameworks

Python is extremely popular among the web developers due to its unmatched quality and performance along with few highly efficient Python frameworks. Let us discuss top Python frameworks of the industry.

DJango framework: This is probably the most prominent Python web framework of the industry. Django is extremely powerful and was developed by Jason Sole and Jason Mc Laugilin. It was implemented for the first time in a job portal to ensure its efficiency. Later on, it was released for everyone and received an over whelming response in the industry. This is the largest Python based web framework of the industry and hence comes with extra ordinary power and features for the Python developers. There is a huge support community for this framework who are working 24×7 to provide support to others. It has the most powerful admin interface for the top level control of any large scale web application. Practically this framework is extremely useful in developing online forums, portals and other social networking sites. It is also extremely popular in developing quick web solutions with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

Flask: Flask is a micro framework developed in Python having a strange background. It was the result of an April fool surprise from an intelligent Python developer of India. Mr. Pradeep Gowda challenged his colleague to develop a single file micro framework in Python and he succeeded in the same and gifted it to his friend as the April fool surprise. Well, this is not as powerful as that of Django but it can be used for moderate size of Python web application development projects. It is best suitable for beginners who want to learn Python and start coding in less time span. It creates an insatiable thirst among the Python developers to experiment with the framework. It is often used in small web development that too within low budget and limited time frame. Hence it has received a good word of mouth response from the industry since its inception.

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